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  1. Private assessment must be scheduled and completed prior to group attendance                   

  2. BE ON TIME!!! Group begins and ends on time. If you arrive at 5pm and still need to pay, then you are not on time and I won’t have the ability to accommodate you without taking away from the rest of the group. Pre-approved lateness for those who have prepaid will be permitted up to 15 minutes. No one will be admitted after 5:15. Leaving early is also not permitted unless pre-approved due to extenuating circumstances.

  3. Confidentiality—Details are never to leave the room. Who you see, what they say, and what others are working on are to stay only with members of the group. In order to create a safe environment for others to share, confidentiality is absolutely imperative.

  4. No Gossip! Gossip is defined as speaking about anyone or their process in a negative way without them being present, including therapists.

  5. Cell phones will be left in the basket for the duration of group.

  6. You must be sober to participate. No drugs or alcohol are to be brought on the property or used prior to arrival. If you arrive under the influence, your keys will be confiscated and returned when a taxi is called to take you home.

  7. No eating while in group. There will be a short ten minute break. Cigarette smoking is not permitted on the property of the Center for Spiritual Living.

  8. Always ask permission before touching another group member, including pats or hugs.

  9. Focus on yourself and use “I” statements when sharing. It is not your place to give advice unless specifically asked.

  10. RESPECT ALL differences, opinions, experiences, lifestyles, viewpoints, backgrounds. All are equal and all are welcome. Be supportive or be quiet.

  11. ZERO TOLERANCE for harassment, violence, yelling, or inappropriate behavior of any sort that creates discomfort for anyone present or is disrespectful of the therapeutic environment in any way.

  12. Speak only when it is your turn. No side talk or interrupting others. Ask for permission before commenting on another person’s process.

  13. Avoid sharing graphic details of drug use or traumatic events in group. This material may be triggering for others and is more appropriate for one on one therapy.

  14. Dress and act appropriately for a professional environment.

  15. Be honest! Speak up! We want to hear from you. If something isn’t working for you, TELL ME! Approach conflict rather than squash it. The more you participate, the more you get in return. Practice your communication skills. Enforce your boundaries. Take responsibility for yourself and your self-care.

  16. Please help me protect the safety of our group. If you see anyone acting out of integrity or in any way infringing upon the comfort zone of others, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Failure to comply with these agreements will result in your dismissal from group. I reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone at any time for any reason.

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