The combination of clinical training as a psychotherapist and twenty years of experience working with the realms of ceremony and shamanism make me an ideal candidate to support you on your journey with entheogenic plant teachers. Please understand that I have absolutely nothing to do with providing or dispensing medicine of this type. If you are already using the medicine on your own, I can provide guidance and/or integration to help you get the most benefit from of these sacred journeys. Many that are new to this type of work are left overwhelmed or confused about what they experienced or feeling like they had a pleasant or peak experience but not knowing how to actually assimilate any of it into daily life.  The goal is to bring back the gifts received from the higher realms in a way that the insights gained may have an effect on habitual patterns and create lasting, authentic change in one's way of being.

Psychedelics are a powerful therapeutic enhancement tool for some people. Obviously you do not need to be working with these medicines in order to work with me. My work here only enhances my ability to navigate different realms of human being.

Be safe. Be aware of legality and handle yourselves intelligently.

Please call or email me to set up an introductory 30 minute/$50 consultation. I will send you an invitation to an encrypted video platform where I can answer all of your questions in a safe and private manner and let you know more precisely how I may assist you.