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FALL 2023  TBD
Rio Chama Canyon 
  Wilderness, NM



Email completed forms to and send  $200  deposit to secure your place





---" I had the opportunity to have Amy as a guide and was blown away by her ability to be attuned and present with all of the questers. I really felt her holding us all in her love. When I came back from the quest and shared my experience, Amy fully showed up and mirrored back to me exactly what I needed to hear in that moment and I carry her words with me still today. If you go on a quest with Amy, you will be supported and honored by her depth and wisdom." A.B., Santa Fe, NM



---"My two vision quests were among the most profound experiences of my life. There is truly nothing like it when it comes to leaving everything behind and connecting to the divine within and without. Amy Finlayson was an exceptional guide. Grounded, gentle, utterly supportive and able to make me feel that I was in a totally safe space. You are in the best of hands when you go to the sacred mountain with Amy!" J.M., Santa Fe, NM



---"My Vision Quest was such a deeply powerful and moving experience. I still, after 2 years, see the seeds of intention and prayer that I planted growing within. I feel such deep gratitude for my guides who held such a safe and reflective container so that I could explore and truly transform deep parts of myself."   J.R., Santa Fe, NM




---"My vision quest was an amazing experience.  It gave me a platform to discover the questions I would need to hold present in my heart as the unknown future unfolded. These questions helped cultivated a specific state of awareness that allowed difficult circumstances to become beautiful experiences of deep love and learning. The seeds of intention I planted during my vision quest continue to grow and blossom, adding new color and awareness to my daily life. Thank you Amy!"  J.W., Santa Fe, NM


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