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What is a Vision Quest?


In our modern age of technology and a money/image based culture, most of us have lost touch with the living spirit of our Mother Earth. We do not take the time to sit and commune with the elements. We are not aware of the divine interplay of earth, fire, water and air that creates life as we know it. We are stuck in our heads, mostly completely unaware of the potency of the present moment because we are glooming over the past or afraid of something that might happen in the future. In the meantime, we are punishing the planet that sustains us. Ceremony is a way to tap back into our primal knowing and relationship with the spirits we share the land with. The rocks, trees, animals, rivers, wind, plants, sun, moon are all alive...they each have their own consciousness and something to share with us. When is the last time you were so quiet and tuned in that you had a conversation with a tree? Well, maybe it's time...time to get to know more parts of yourself and to honor all our relations for their part in this grand unfolding drama of your life.


The ceremony of Vision Quest has long been practiced in indigenous cultures as a significant rite of passage. It is a deeply transformative experience in which participants spend four days and four nights alone on the land with no food and a minimum of material comforts. Vision Quest is particularly appropriate during major life transitions and personal shifts. This is a powerful ceremony in which participants go out onto the Land in order to come into deeper relationship with Great Spirit and the Ancestors of the land.


The Rio Chama Canyon Wilderness is a beautiful, diverse, expansive area located approximately 90 minutes NW of Santa Fe. Home to breathtaking and colorful rock formations, mesas, our basecamp is right on the cold, quick running waters of the Rio Chama. The surrounding land offers the stillness and solitude you will need to release the distractions of daily life in order to reconnect with Mother Earth. Previous questers have expressed feeling deeply held and supported through the ceremony by the land through reciprocity and a profound sense of ancient connection. Everyone's experience is different every time and you must trust that the ceremony will give you precisely what you need. 



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