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Wherever you are is where we start! Trust the process of your life and see the necessity for every single piece. You are so much more than you realize and I am here to help you wake up to that reality and to deeply, profoundly love and transform yourself! Regardless of what stands in your way, it is an energy that can be moved. Whether it is addiction, trauma, hopelessness, illness, low self-esteem or stuck grief, there is a way out and the way out is to go deeper into yourself.


In our culture we are taught to escape from our uncomfortable feelings, to numb ourselves with drugs, alcohol, tv, food, sex, shopping and many other things to avoid being with ourselves. These methods of distraction keep our neuroses alive and fill our homes and relationships with dysfunction. Together we will work on how to stay present with yourself and to go right into your feelings and experience which will create a new power and richness in your life that you will not believe.


As a graduate of Southwestern College of Santa Fe, NM with a Masters in Counseling, Amy Finlayson works under the umbrella of Transformational Psychology. This involves working from whatever shows up in the present and transforming the client’s relationship to it with conscious awareness and empowerment. There is a somatic integrative focus where clients learn to track their own feelings and sensations within the body which helps to change the focus from what’s happening outside of the self to what’s happening within the inner landscape, where we have significant power to change.


Amy is an eclectic therapist, which means that she pulls from many theories and models to best serve the client depending upon his or her needs. Most likely you will be exposed to Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, Somatic Integrative Therapy (tracking sensation in your body), Mindfulness Based Presence and Stress Reduction Guidance. She works with Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, Grief/Loss, Codependence, Strengthening Boundaries, Self-Esteem, Relationship Issues, Life Transitions, Personal Goals and More!




Paneled with Cigna, Aetna, United and Optum.

No Insurance? Sliding scale available.

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