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After securing your spot with your forms and deposit, please buy a copy of "Trail to the Sacred Mountain:A Vision Quest Handbook" by Steven Foster. The cost is $15 and can be purchased through Southwestern College in Santa Fe or online at CLICK HERE.



You will want to complete your Medicine Walk about 2-4 weeks prior to your quest. This is described in your manual but I am available to answer any questions. This is where you will begin to shape your intention. What are you looking to get out of your experience. Where are you in your life? What is ready to be born in you? What needs to die in you in order to make room for this new stage of being?


You will want begin to ween yourself off of any medications, alcohol or drug use and any heavy, greasy foods in the diet and begin to move into more a clear, alkaline state to prepare your body for your fast. The less toxic you are the better


We will have an orientation meeting about 3 weeks prior to our departure in Santa Fe. Do not worry if you live out of state as we can discuss all necessary details over the phone instead. 





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