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HIPAA Compliant- Your information is safe and will not be shared with anyone. I will never discuss your private details with another, including whether or not you are in attendance.
CONFIDENTIALITY-As far as your therapist is concerned, whatever you say stays in the room. The only exceptions to this would be if you were to share that you were planning to hurt yourself or another person or that some unreported abuse is currently happening, both of which we are legally bound to report. While we strive to maintain the integrity of our space, due to the nature of group therapy we cannot guarantee your confidentiality.
Release of Liability-Inner Navigation LLC will not be held responsible for the health, well-being, actions or mental state of any client at any time, on or off property. Participation and results are solely based on individual participation and no results are guaranteed. Neither the Center for Spiritual Living nor Inner Navigation LLC are responsible for any person or their property and are released of all liability for any client's death or injury as well as any damage to or theft of any private property while on premises.
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