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Week 1    Health *Balance *Somatics *Self-awareness

Week 2    Family of Origin *Inner Child

Week 3    Identity *Ego *Integrity *Power

Week 4    Patterns *Addictions *Shadow


Week 5    Communication *Ways of Being

Week 6    Duality *Boundaries

Week 7    Sex *Love *Masculine/Feminine

Week 8    Grief *Loss *Transition


Week 9    Intention *Goals *Work *Money

Week 10  Meaning *Service *Higher Self

Week 11  Art *Self-Expression

Week 12  Eco-psych *Medicine Wheel as Map of Psyche


Welcome to Inner Navigation's drop in group therapy program! These groups will offer processing, psycho-education and experiential practice. 

The full program is three months long and will repeat indefinitely. You may enter the program at any time and come as often or as little as you choose.  You do not have to complete the program in succession. While there is a general topical template and we will work with a different weekly focus that repeats every 12 weeks, no two groups will ever be the same.   Everyone learns differently so every week we will introduce a different focus and approach it from a different perspective each of the four nights we meet.


Please note that this is not an IOP (Intensive Out-Patient) program. This group provides a low level of care for stable adults and is not appropriate for those battling acute drug addiction or in the throes of untreated trauma.

This is a twelve week repeating program that will begin again after each completion. Each week we will have a focus topic which will be approached from multiple perspectives on different days of the week. We will adhere to the pattern of the medicine wheel, examining these topics from the following four planes: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. You may start at any time and come and go as you please.

 One Private Assessment Required Prior to Group Participation ($75)  Once cleared, clients may attend group as often as they please without appointment.If only one or two people show up, then group will possibly be reduced to one hour of personal attention for the same price. I am not anticipating for this to happen frequently but when it does, the decision of how to proceed will be reached and agreed upon by all.

Please check calendar for holidays or breaks in programming.

Daily Schedule

4:45-4:59       Sign in, pay, settle your things, prepare yourself for group

5:00-5:10       Arrival Meditation, Somatic Tracking

5:10-5:55       Check in/Intentional Personal Sharing & Processing/ Topic Introduction

5:55-6:05       Break

6:05-7:00       Topic Immersion and Experientials

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