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Welcome to the World
of Self-Exploration​!


Life is a difficult journey at times. We must learn to be kind to our selves and realize these times are opportunities for growth, awareness and healing which begins inside and looks different for each of us. At Inner Navigation, we explore the multiple paths that can lead to whatever it is you are looking for. We are all simultaneously perfect and flawed.  It's not really about right and wrong so much as choices and consequences.We must deal with the cards we've been dealt. The goal is not to be perfect according to cultural standards but to befriend and integrate all of the different parts of our self: the good, the bad and ugly. Learning to be present with our self is a tremendous gift. Being present helps us to remember the truth of who we are and what our life is about. Are you driving the boat in your life or are you allowing yourself to be driven? Wherever you are is perfect and trust me when I tell you there is no arrival point so stop pushing yourself and slow down and smell the roses. The first step toward peace is through acceptance of life the way it is. Do not mistake acceptance for resignation or agreement as this is something different. From there, we have the power and freedom of choice and can slip out of our previous programming into the driver's seat.


Together we will look at what is standing in your way to presence, joy and fulfillment and how you will best be served by the services at Inner Navigation. In my psychotherapy practice, we work with whatever is showing up in your life and track the patterns that are operating. The goal is to transform your relationship to your experience of life. You have the choice to stay stuck in your story and feel victimized by all the horrible things that have happened in this world and to you or you can turn and face yourself, take responsibility for your life and meet your bigger Self. My favorite definition of enlightenment is realizing there's nothing that isn't you.

The first step is to stop judging things as wrong and understand that all of this is happening for your benefit. The entire universe is made of energy and all life forms and creations are vibrating at different frequencies. There are so many heavy energies constantly bombarding us. Our mechanisms tend to get mucked up if we are not working to consciously clear and maintain our energy fields on a regular basis. Everything affects our vibration; our thoughts, our food, our company, our electronic use, our activity level, our environment.


In our culture we are taught to escape from our uncomfortable feelings, to numb ourselves with drugs, alcohol, tv, food, sex, shopping and many other things to avoid being self-reflective. These methods of distraction keep our neuroses alive and fill our homes and relationships with dysfunction. All the while we are craving something else but we don't know what or how to get it. And here is the is our escapism and consumerism that is destroying the planet, and our health and happiness along with it. We are doing it ourselves! Stop blaming things outside of yourself where you have no power to invoke change. There is a different way! You have forgotten who you are and the only way out of this mess we've co-created is truly to go in! That's right, just turn into the face of whatever discomfort you've been running from. Together we will work on how to stay present with yourself and to go right into your feelings and experiences which will create a new power and richness in your life that you will not believe. Things are not usually what they seem. There are many treasures in the dark as you learn to see with new eyes. It's time to look deeper and to find some lasting relief. It may be difficult at times but this is your life we're talking about. Actually I believe there's a whole new realm of possibility waiting for you. Trust the process of your life!






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